Back when I was a daycare mama to ten (yep, ten!) kiddos, we spent a lot of time outside. If the weather permitted, we headed outside as soon as breakfast was cleaned up and stayed outdoors until lunch.

On this particular sunny morning, I pushed one of my little girls on the swings, while a few of the older children swung by themselves. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a little tyke toddling within reach of the swings. Intent on the ground, he didn’t look up until I grabbed him, swept him out of the way, and set him down out of reach of pumping legs.

One more second, and he would have been whacked in the head. But of course he didn’t know that.

He squawked and hollered and scowled at me. I had rudely interrupted his journey, and he didn’t appreciate it.

I chuckled. “Hey, little man. If I didn’t move you, you would have been hit in the head.”

But he didn’t listen. His frown deepened and off he stalked (if toddlers can stalk) to the other side of the playground.

He couldn’t see the danger, so he resented my help. He thought he was fine just where he was. But in reality, he would have been hurt.

As I look back over my life, I realize there have been times when God pulled me out of danger and I didn’t understand it until later.

One such time was when my boys and I were searching for a house to live in. About six months earlier, our lives had been uprooted, our family unit shattered, and I now faced life as a single mom. We had moved internationally and were adjusting to a whole new life. God had graciously supplied my desperate need for a job by giving me the opportunity to take over the operation of a daycare.

So my three boys and I were living in that daycare. (Yes, that’s as much fun as it sounds!) 🙂

I was extremely grateful for the income and for a roof over our heads, but all of us longed to have our own home again. We began searching for houses in our little Ozark town, but time after time we were disappointed. Every time we found the perfect house, something would hinder us.

Roadblock after roadblock frustrated our efforts, and house after house fell through. One of my boys got so tired of the disappointment that he informed me he didn’t want to look at any more houses.

“Just tell me when we get one.” he said. I felt much the same way. Why was God taking so long to answer our prayers?

After nearly five months of living in that one-bedroom daycare, we finally found a house. And you know what? This one actually was perfect for us. We were so excited!

We moved in, grateful to have locking bathroom doors, privacy, and the ability to walk through our living room without tripping over daycare toys. 🙂

But it was only the following year that I fully understood God’s denial to the other houses. Some financial and circumstantial things took place that would have left me in a very bad place in any of the other houses except for the house that God gave us in the end.

I couldn’t see down the road far enough to keep myself and my family from danger, but God could. And in His great love for us, He pulled us out of the way.

My friend, life is full of disappointment. Relationships come to an end, jobs are lost, and dreams are dashed. We don’t understand in the moment.

But just because the door slams shut in your face doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you. In fact, it’s just the opposite. He’s protecting you from something you can’t see.

It’s His great love for you that sweeps you up and pulls you out of the way.

Today, rest in the knowledge that He loves you, He can see what’s in your future, and He will always, always do what is best for you.

“The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.

And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.” {Psalm 9:9-10}

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