Wow, how things have changed since our January-February update! Little did we know how different the world would be in just a few short months. Because of the corona virus, many of the things I told you about in our last update were changed, postponed, or cancelled.

We’re all learning the truth of Proverbs 27:1, “Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” But we have the assurance that no matter how much things change from day to day, God is always the same!

We’ll start with Kristoffer’s news. As you may remember, he had to leave Pensacola Christian College in February due to worsening pain from his ear condition. We found a doctor who specializes in his condition (hyperacusis), and Kris was booked in to see her in March. And you know the rest of that story. Due to the quarantine, her office closed the week of his appointment, and we are still waiting for it to reopen.

But the good news is his pain levels at home are better, as the noise levels here are so much lower than at college. He’s been able to resume his summer job, helping run activities at Jellystone Branson campground. He’s very much a people-person, so it’s a perfect fit for him. 🙂

Kris has also been busy working on his YouTube channel while at home. If you have kids who enjoy Lego or racing, they might want to check out his latest video, LEGO Racers. (I got to be a stunt-driver for it! Well, actually all I did was drive our car slowly forward while he took shots with his camera, but still…) 🙂 You can view his video HERE.

Though we didn’t know it at the time, Kristoffer’s classmates wouldn’t be far behind him in leaving PCC’s campus due to the shut-down. He would have come home anyway, but as it turned out, he just came home a little earlier than everyone else. We were very thankful Kris was home, as his YouTube expertise came in very handy for our online services. When our church services went online, Kris did all the editing and uploading for us. God certainly had him in the right place at the right time.

Devotional Thought 1: God will always put you where you need to be. Sometimes this includes adverse circumstances, so keep your eyes open for God’s hand in the detours of life.

Kris and Yogi Bear at Jellystone Campground!

On to Kyle’s news. Kyle was supposed to graduate this month. At the beginning of the quarantine when our little Christian school shut down, Kyle came to me. He said God had been speaking to his heart about staying in the school another year. Over the next two months, Kyle prayed and sought the Lord’s will concerning whether God would have him go on to college this Fall.

A couple weeks ago, God clearly showed Kyle what to do, and he’s staying home for the next school year. It was a hard decision. He was planning to be roommates with both Kris and one of his close friends this next year at PCC. But I know God will bless his decision to follow His will. (And of course I will NEVER be sad about my kids being home!) 🙂

Kyle’s been working long hours, even though many businesses have closed these past couple months. He’s a skating car-hop at Sonic, and they have been SO busy. (Their restaurant is pretty much set up for quarantine, since there’s very little contact and no in-house dining.) Kyle’s favorite part of his job is definitely the skating! If you ever visit our little Ozark town and see a flash speed by on skates, that will be Kyle. 🙂

Devotional Thought 2: Things can change very quickly. Be open to the leading of God during these times, and trust that God will guide you as you seek Him.

The fastest food delivery in the Ozarks!

And now for Kaden’s news. He too has been busy during the quarantine. He started a Facebook page for his Christian comedy channel ( if you want to take a peek) and released some great comedy videos. 🙂 One of my favorites is his video about how Bible characters would react to the corona virus. You can view it HERE. (Please understand it’s not meant to be political—it’s just for fun!) He also did a video on what would happen if dads were in charge of daycares. I guess our time living in the daycare had more of an effect on him than I thought! You can view that video HERE.

Kaden also started a new job at McDonalds. Although his brother would have liked to have him join the ranks of Sonic, Kaden decided to work for the competition! When they get home after work, they talk shop. 🙂 Wait times, grilling procedures, crazy customers and beef shortages are all discussed in great detail. No one told me having three boys working separate jobs would be this fun!

Kaden keeps us all laughing, for sure. Even when school, church, and sports events were cancelled, he kept us entertained. And not just us—but his Facebook and YouTube followers too. I’m not sure exactly what God has in store for him, but I’m fairly certain there will be laughter involved. 🙂

Devotional Thought 3: Laughter is a precious gift from God. No matter how hard life gets, there’s always something to smile about!

Kaden ready to grill some burgers!

Well, what did I do during the quarantine? I did lots of writing, cleaned out my basement, painted my bedroom, and had some great times with my boys. Even though there have been some disappointments the past couple months, I’m looking forward to all the good things God will bring from what we’ve gone through. I believe families all across our country have grown closer together, and we’ve all gained a new appreciation for the “little” things in life.

I’m excited to tell you I’ve started a new job! Don’t worry—I’m still writing. 🙂 I’m working part-time this summer at Jellystone Branson, the campground where Kristoffer works. It’s perfect, because I work in the mornings and then come home and write in the afternoons. The campgrounds are gorgeous, and I love being outdoors. I’m also meeting lots of new people and finding great stories to tell you. So be on the lookout for those coming soon! I’ve discovered over the years that the best inspiration for my writing comes from simply living life, and I know the campground will provide plenty of new experiences to write about.

Here’s a few more pictures from the last three month’s happenings. 🙂

Kaden turned 16 on March 23rd! 🙂

I turned 42 on March 16th. It feels exactly the same as 41, and 40, and 39….. 🙂

Hiking is a great quarantine activity!

If you would like to pray for our family, here’s our latest prayer requests:

Kristoffer—for his specialist appointment to be rescheduled and bring some answers.

Kristoffer, Kyle, and Kaden—strength and protection at their summer jobs, opportunities and boldness to witness.

Kim—the Lord’s guidance in my writing ministry, wisdom as I write.

If you would like to help my ministry in a very practical way, would you consider leaving a review of my devotional book on Amazon if you’ve read it? This is a huge help to me! To leave a review, click HERE and scroll down to “Write a review.” Thank you—I appreciate you!

Thank you to all my amazing prayer warriors! I wouldn’t be able to do this ministry without you.

Rejoicing in Jesus,

Kimberly Joy

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