This goes out to all who face a less-than-perfect Valentine’s Day, to those who long to be loved with a perfect love, to all who will go home alone tonight. You are never truly alone.


“Alone Tonight”

Chocolates and flowers, they fill the stores,

As your tears flow unbidden behind closed doors.

Cards and roses flash red and pink,

You rush right past them, trying not to think.

For you will go home alone tonight.


To you who have lost your husband or wife,

Your soul-mate, your best friend, the love of your life.

Cancer has stolen, an accident taken.

Your world crashed down, your faith was shaken.

And you must go home alone tonight.


To you in whose heart lies a lonely song,

The vows were broken, the ring is gone.

All that remains is a shattered trust.

You can’t go on, but you know that you must.

And you will go home alone tonight.


To you who have given to God your life,

Promised your all, as you wait for husband or wife.

All around you, it seems, are couples in love,

You wait and wonder if He hears your cries from above.

For you will go home alone tonight.


To you who have been ignored and neglected,

You stay true to your vows, though you’re unloved and rejected.

You pray for peace, an end to the pain.

You don’t understand why God won’t stop the rain.

And you will go home alone tonight.


To all who sit alone in the dark,

Pain engulfs you; grief leaves its mark.

I can’t take your pain, I can’t dry your tears,

I can’t stop the anguish, or vanquish your fears.


But I can lift your head, take you by the hand,

Lead you to One Who knelt alone in the sand.

Alone in the Garden, facing the cross.

He knows all your pain, He feels all your loss.


His name is Jesus, His tears fell for you,

He longs to heal you, make all things new.

He died for your sin, and to take all your pain,

He lives for your joy, so you find love again.


And one day in Heaven, you’ll look into His face,

You’ll see perfect love, acceptance, and grace.

Your heart will swell in unbroken song.

Those lonely nights, forever gone.

-Kimberly Joy


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