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Spreading the joy of Jesus through inspirational stories and devotionals

“Hi! I’m Kimberly  Joy

Proud mum of three amazing teenagers
and daycare mama to ten more little ones.
My days are busy, my arms are full,
and my heart rejoices in Jesus.

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When your tragedy brings your triumph

The story is told of a man stranded alone on a deserted island. As the months passed and hope of rescue faded, he managed to survive. He discovered a fresh water source, and although food was not plentiful, he found enough sustenance to keep himself alive. He...

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New life in the midst of tragedy

"Do you want to hold him?" I nodded and took the newborn baby from her outstretched arms. His tiny fingers curled in sleep, his skin was feather-soft, and his breathing rose and fell peacefully. It was the first Sunday after our family had been torn apart. The...

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Four ways to fight loneliness

I haven't written much about my singleness, although I've mentioned it a few times. Part of the reason is because I haven't felt God leading that direction, and part of it---to be honest---is because it's just plain old hard to write about. But as this ministry grows...

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When you have the strength, but not the balance

I'm very skeptical when it comes to get-rich-quick-schemes, but a couple weeks ago, I fell for one. Hard. Okay, so it wasn't your typical get-rich-quick-scheme. And in the end, it taught me a good lesson. But I did part with some money.... My sons and I were wandering...

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"For the joy of the Lord is your strength."

Nehemiah 8:10