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Forgiveness, Part One

"Miss Kim, I'm bleeding!" One of the little girls in my daycare ran across the yard toward me, holding her arm aloft. Bright red blood streaked down her arm. Again. It was the same scab she had picked off the previous day. And the day before that. It was only a...

When you tell God you can’t go on

Have you ever flat-out told God you couldn't take it one more day? I have. Several times, in fact. But one time in particular is burned into my memory.  We lived in Australia at the time. I was working as a kindergarten teacher in a Christian school, and I also drove...

When someone else needs your strength

Well, he did it again. I don't think anyone saw it, but since I'm telling the Internet world now, it will no longer be my secret. My little brother made me cry in church. No, it wasn't from kicking me under the pew or jabbing me in the ribs. It was more like a jab to...


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