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The transforming power of a grateful heart

I wasn't exactly mad, but neither was I thrilled with my friend's suggestion. It was my first Thanksgiving overseas. I was homesick for my family, missing all the holiday traditions I dearly loved, and horribly sick with all-day sickness. (I refuse to call it morning...

Finding strength for today through anticipation of tomorrow

Do you want to know the secret of living to a ripe, old age? I'll give you a hint: you'll need some dirt. Plant yourself a garden! Okay, there might be a few other factors involved, but studies have shown there are great health benefits for senior citizens who tend...

A little accountability goes a long way

Near the end of September, I determined October 1st would be New Year's Day for me. Depending on how you look at it, I'm either extremely late, or a few months early. Let's go with early. 🙂 So I set myself some goals. There were a few writing goals, a couple...


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