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When the Christmas queen loses her throne

Warning: If you're looking for a deep theological article today, this isn't going to be it. 🙂 This is more of a "this-is-how-my-life-is-going-right-now-and-I-hope-it-encourages-you-post." So...Christmas is my all-time, hands-down, no-contest, favorite time of year....

When you’re at the end of your rope

  I was in a very, very dark place in my life. I had endured years of heartache and turmoil, and I was about ready to give up. I just didn't see the point of trying anymore. I said as much to my mom. "I can't take it anymore. I'm at the end of my rope." And you...

A Broken Christmas

  Many of us remember the Christmases of our childhood as being picture-perfect. I certainly do. I grew up in rural Wisconsin, and both my parents came from large farming families. Christmas Eve was spent with my dad's side on the Brooks farm, and Christmas...


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